It’s almost time for the annual Emma Crawford coffin races and parade!

Emma is always one of the most popular stories on the ”Frights and Pints” tour. Emma moved to Manitou Springs in 1888 from Boston. She was in search of relief from tuberculosis and found it here.

Just as she was feeling better she climbed the Red Mountain which exhausted her system and ultimately led to her death at a very young age.  As we all know her final resting place at the top of Red Mountain was disrupted by heavy rains and her coffin ended up on Ruxton Avenue.

While enjoying the races here are my “go-to” pumpkin favorites ?

  1. Venetucci Pumpkin Ale from Bristol Brewing with roasted pumpkins and spices that are incredible.
  2. A close second is Gourd Hoarders Pumpkin Ale from Manitou Brewing with mild spices and a malty finish.
  3. Finally, Local Relic’s Pumpkin Porter is a darker style which is smooth and worth your time.  

See you in Manitou!

Owner & Chief Tour Guide